Fostering is where you care for a bun in your home on a short-term basis. Our fosters are valued volunteers who open up their homes for short periods of time to give a little love to our rescue rabbits. Bun Bun Brigade asks our fosters to commit to sharing their home with a bun for 30 days at a time. After 30 days, buns will return to the rescue for a health check. At that time, you can either select a new bun to foster or complete the adoption process on your current foster.  If you are no longer fostering, all enclosures and other supplies provided by the rescue must be returned with your foster bunny.

Click here for our fostering application. Please allow up to 72 hours for our fostering coordinator to reach out.

How Does Fostering Work?

We provide the enclosure (extra-large cage or x-pen), a clean, already setup litter box, and a water bowl.  You provide food and love.

You will foster the bun for a month and return the bun to us on our monthly foster day so we can do a health check on the bun and clip the bun’s nails. You can either trade the bun and foster a different one (recommended) or adopt the current one.  You may choose to adopt your foster bun at any time.

Benefits of Fostering

Fostering allows buns to learn what having a family is all about. Some buns are born in the rescue or come to the rescue at a very young age so they may have never experienced life outside of the rescue. Other buns may be nervous at the rescue and need the stress relief of their own space. A few buns have been at the rescue for quite a while and could use a break.

Fostering allows you to get to know a bun to determine if they are the right match for your family. Each bun has his or her own personality. Some allow you to hold them while others prefer to sit beside you on the couch. Some do well with children and other pets while others may not. Even if you know you cannot make the commitment to being a bunny’s forever family, fostering is very beneficial to the buns and your feedback on their personality further helps us find the best home for them.

Learning what it’s like to have a family.